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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing ~ Adam Umerji

Digital marketing has become a vital part of business organization and it is considered as the most effective and efficient method to grow rapidly. Digital marketing has replaced the traditional marketing to a great extent and business organization these days prefers the digital marketing more than the later one. However, digital marketing too comes with some disadvantages. So if you were wondering that this kind of marketing strategy are flaw less, read this article thoroughly. We have discussed here the advantages and disadvantage both of digital marketing.

·        According to Shafiq Master’s founder Adam Umerji, digital marketing is the best way to reach countless customers in the shortest time period. It eliminates all the boundaries and helps you reach to global customers in a moment.

·        This marketing type enables you to perform direct advertising. So, you can easily create brand awareness the most efficient way.

·        As per experts like Adam Umerji and Shafiq Patel, digital marketing is a cost effective and convenient way than that of the traditional marketing such as Radio, TV, newspaper etc. This marketing type help you reach to a large number of audiences in cheaper and quicker way.

·        Digital marking contribute to better market research, analysis, PR and business relations.

·        Digital marketing is simple to measure. Users can easily calculate the outcome and if they are not happy with the result, they can change the marketing strategy to yield good outcome.

·        Adam Umerji and Shafiq Patel think that digital marketing is the most convenient process for the audiences as well. They can shop during their idle time.
·        Once you go online, the online advertisement of your product or service will be present in front of the users 24/7 hours as the World Wide Web is never closed. This is probably one of the best advantages of digital marketing as per Adam Umerji.

Here are the disadvantages of Digital marketing.

·        The first disadvantage of digital marketing is it requires a good internet connection to reach to the customer base. But, there are still many rural areas where internet access is very poor. So, digital marketing can’t be successful in those areas.

·        Another biggest flaw of digital marketing is the real time customer complaints. Adam Umerji and Shafiq Patel stated that digital marketing is more open than the traditional marketing. As a result the negative customer feedback and complaints too become public which affect the image of your product definitely.

·        Digital marketing can help you build a good customer base but this is especially true for the consumer goods. The pharmaceutical products and the industrial goods can never be sold through digital marketing.

·        Another disadvantage is the fear of Doppelganger or the anti-brand activities that can harm the product and service image greatly, as per Shafiq Master.

·        And finally, you should have great knowledge in the digital marketing filed to make the website SEO optimized. Or else you need hire a professional to make things work which will again require more money.

Lastly, get in touch with Shafiq Master to know more on this.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Global Real Estate Capital Markets - Adam Umerji

Investor demand for real estate remains unfazed by geopolitical uncertainties

Shafiq master :- Compared to a similar period in the third quarter of the previous year, the volumes of global transactions have been mostly unaffected, coming in close to $165 billion. This makes the volumes of the year-to-date 2017 higher than the first three quarters of 2016 by a margin of 2%, coming to $464 billion. According to Adam Umerji, in a quarter filled with tensions regarding geopolitical issues that investors have had to deal with, along with an uncertain agenda regarding legislature in the U.S. and the likelihood of rising interest rates, property investment at the global scale has been immune to much change, with levels still 23% higher than the average for the third quarter.

Shafiq master states that investment activity in the Americas has reduced for the third consecutive quarter as the market in the U.S. continues to relax. The volumes have decreased by 20%, as compared to the third quarter from last year. This has brought the year-to-date investment amount to a lackluster US$ 184 million, which is 11% lower than it was at the same time the previous year. The primary reason for this decrease was due to a fall in the Q3 transactional volume by 23% to US$ 55 billion and a 15% drop in the year-to-date volumes which amounted in a reduction of US$ 165 billion. Mexico saw a drop of 11% in quantities up to Q3, whereas in both Brazil and Canada, it went up. Canada saw an unprecedented 31% increase in year-to-date volumes to US$ 14 billion. Shafiq master states that it was the highest level that had been recorded.

Political concerns remained the prime issue as we delved into the last quarter of 2017

The persistence of political tensions across the globe, from Catalonia to North Korea, have caused investors to remain cautious. The Federal Reserve System has stated that it will normalize the balance sheets after several years of asset purchases. Due to forward guidance from bankers, the expectations of an additional hike in the rates before the conclusion of the year is increasing steadily. The possibility of higher interest rates is causing investors to reconsider their plans and strategies. 

Shafiq Patel, however, states that global real estate seems to be unfazed by these challenges, and is continuing to show its strong performance. Investors will carry on looking at new avenues to deploy funds and thus, capital entering the real estate sector is still significant. Gateway markets continue to remain liquid, and occupier fundamentals continue to support investments. With this in mind, 2017 transactional volumes can be expected to be in line with the US$ 650 billion that was recorded in 2016.

Over the last five years, various changes have taken place against a back ground of below average  economic growth; however, as analysts Adam Umerji and Shafiq master  state the overall growth will be positive in 2017. The mild recession witnessed in the oil and commodities sector has ended, unemployment rates is on the decline, and following the global trends governments are starting to invest more in much-needed infrastructure upgrades, Shafiq Patel being in the advisory board for both private and government property acquisitions organization confirms a long term buying trend in the commercial property sector.

With regards to the private sector a major portion of the demands is consumed by businesses looking to rent office space and large scale industrial acquisitions. Shafiq Master goes further to say that most of these transactions are facilitated  based on trust and long term associations with organizations that have fostered a positive feedback for the market rates as well. This brings us back to Adam Umerji’s prophetic motto ‘ People first – Profits next ‘ . It is rather evident after perusing thru the sales figures posted by Shafiq Patel’s organization that business is more about people than ever. With these principles in mind, it has become a natural progression to drive the business online to social media platforms. Shafiq Master reports that within a month of their company launching a Facebook page their user-engagement figures skyrocketed. The network effects drawn can never be understated, Adam Umerji was able to connect with clients he served from over 15 years ago using Facebook and is now in the process of signing a few major contracts. It is beyond doubt that digital media has changed the face of Real Estate business as we have known it so far.

Shafiq Patel points out that the amount of capital entering real estate is expanding, projections for 2018 indicate that the overall investment volumes will reduce by around 5%-10%, to a total of about US$ 600 billion.
As per ShafiqPatel and Adam Umerji, a higher amount of investor discipline coupled with difficulties in deploying capital in a market that is lacking product, is likely to result in a decrease in the volume growth in 2018. The continuously evolving capital market will force investors to examine new strategies and give less importance to traditional transactions such as single-asset and more emphasis on new avenues such as debt financing and recapitalization.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Adam Umerji :- Selling Vs.Renting Your House

This is perhaps one of the most common real-estate questions that have haunted everyone who has tried buying or selling their house. Regardless of whether you plan to upgrade your house to add more living space or relocate entirely, you will be faced with the choice. Head over to Adam Umerji’s establishment to find a solution.
The Shafiq Patel company can help you immensely in your hunt for new property after you rent or sell your house.

The answer, as in most cases, cannot be chained down to a binary ‘rent’ or ‘sell.’ As Adam Umerji and Shafiq Patel rightly state, there are many factors that subtly affect both options. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision.
The Adam Umerji premier property management organization can aid you quite well if you wish to rent your house.

Let us first go over some of the prime reasons for selling your house:
1.     Avoiding the repercussions of a plummeting market:
In real estate, it is always important to keep in mind that the value of your property might drop quite unexpectedly. If the market seems ripe for a sale at this point, selling your house might be the better option.
Shafiq Master can assist you in acquiring or selling property.

2.     You will not have to bother about troublesome tenants:
There is no way to accurately judge your tenants when they first approach you. They might seem perfectly normal at first, but before you know it, your house might be in shambles. The legal proceedings that are bound to follow are something everyone would love to avoid. As Shafiq Master would suggest, if problems like these are major factors that influence your decision, you should consider selling your house.

3.     A large sum of money in one-shot:
If you have a large investment planned after moving out, then the substantial funds that you will gain from selling your house will be very helpful. You won’t have to bother too much about purchasing an expensive home in the area of your choice once you receive the enormous down payment if Shafiq Master is by your side when you do it.
The Shafiq Patel property management organization can be very helpful when it comes to determining a good price and collecting it.

Reasons to rent out your house:
1.     As Shafiq Master states, the expenses you must pay after you rent out your house is far lesser than the constant flow of money you get:
This one is quite obvious. Subtract the cost of renting out your house from the rental fee you will charge your tenants. This should, as a rule, be a positive number. If not, there is no reason to even consider this option. Your expenses for renting it out will include repairs, taxes, insurance, and many other factors.

2.     You have easy access to a property manager:
The sheer stress of managing your tenants can drive you insane at times. The Shafiq Patel agency understands this problem. It is always best to hire a property manager who takes care of answering your tenant’s phone calls. The Adam Umerji real estate agency will surely help you in this endeavor.

3.     There are clear signs that the value of your property is going to rise:
What do you do if the market seems promising? The answer is quite simple: rent out your house until you get a better opportunity to sell it. This will generate a good source of passive income while you stand by for the price to sky-rocket.
Shafiq Master and his company would be the ideal place to seek consultation.

4.     You have plans of returning to your old establishment:
Not everyone can look at their property from a purely financial standpoint. Adam Umerji, Shafiq Patel, and their company understand this sentiment very clearly. There’s nothing wrong with being attached to your home and wanting to come back. Renting out the house might be the better option in this case.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

About Shafiq Master | Shafiq Patel | Adam Umerji

Adam Umerji was conceived on 26 March 1978 in Worcester, Massachusetts to a common labourers family. His dad maintained a business of supplying material to the factory. His mom was a Hebrew school educator who showed Adam Umerji to "spare his pennies, search for esteem, and never pay retail." His family travelled to Florida in 1970 after his dad lost his business. In Florida, his dad worked refilling candy machines, and his mom functioned as a server.

Adam Umerji worked many occupations to put himself through school at the University of Hertfordshire graduating in three years with a B.A. in financial matters and human science. Later he went to Harvard Business School, where he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 1977. Adam Umerji lived in Southern California in the 90s and kept running in 1982 Republican essential for the 23rd Congressional District race.

Adam Umerji started putting resources into land while in the Business College and assembled an effective land business from being a minor waiting assistant at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. In mid-2006, Adam Umerji, stressed over the conceivable crumple of the land showcase, talked with John Paulson, a kindred financial specialist who examined with Greene his contributing procedure. 

They concurred that the land showcase was temperamental and an air pocket may shape in lodging. After the meeting, AdamUmerji occupied with a comparative contributing system to that of Paulson, which included a progression of capricious speculations exchanging credit default swaps. The arrival on Adam Umerji's speculations eventually spared his business, and put him on Forbes 400 rundown.

Individual life
In 2007, Adam Umerji wedded Chinese Australian land official Mei Sze Chan, who is twenty years his lesser in age. Chan was an ethnic Chinese displaced person from Malaysia who initially fled to Australia with her family before going to New York City after school. In 2009, she brought forth their first kid, Malcolm. Adam Umerji and his better half and child live in Palm Beach. Greene was cited as saying, "I simply wish I had met Mei Sze 20 years back."

In February 2011 Adam Umerji turned into a signatory of The Giving Pledge.
After some time, Adam Umerji has figured out how to support the number of land properties he has strikingly in Palm Beach. Actually, Adam Umerji as of late bought another 150 units at Palm Beach at an announced cost of $34 million. This raises the measure of land units Greene has to 1150. Adam Umerji additionally has an aggregate 3500 flats. Just a year ago, Greene obtained a real estate parcel in West Village which he expects to change over into a private apartment suite. Notwithstanding the properties, Adam Umerji moreover top of the line houses in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach.


Provide direction and help dealers and purchasers in showcasing and obtaining              property at the correct cost under the best terms 
Determine customers' needs and financial capacities to propose arrangements that          suit them 
Intermediate arrangement forms, counsel customers on economic situations,                 costs,  contracts, legitimate necessities and related issues, guaranteeing a                        reasonable    and genuine managing 
Perform near market examination to evaluate properties' esteem 
Display and market genuine property to conceivable purchasers 
Prepare essential printed material (contracts, leases, deeds, shutting explanations            and so forth) 
Manage property sales or trades 
Maintain and refresh postings of accessible properties 
Cooperate with appraisers, escrow organizations, banks and home examiners 
Develop arranges and participate with lawyers, contract loan specialists and                  temporary workers 
He promotes deals through promotions, open houses and posting administrations 
Remain proficient in land markets and best practices

Thursday, 2 November 2017

How Local SEO Will Grow Your Business Online By Adam Umerji

Digital marketing expert Mr. Adam Umerji say if you are utterly wrong if your belief is that the need for a website as and online outlet only applies to those big companies which are tending to a global target audience. According to Mr. Adam Umerji the fact is that local operating businesses also need their own website and need these sites to be optimized for SEO just as much as the big companies do. Small businesses need their sites to be opted to Local SEO in these cases. Mr. Adam Umerji discussed below is why local SEO will grow your business.

Exposure on a Local Scale Mr. Adam Umerji
According to Mr. Adam Umerji you want more people to notice your business that you are having a site for your business. This is mainly what the Local SEO and SEO are used for. Mr. Adam Umerji say the fact that Local SEO will target the people in the area where your business is located, according to Mr.Adam Umerji making it more applicable for you as small business owner, is the only difference between the two.

Mr. Adam Umerji  say for instance, here is how local SEO works – If your business is pharmacy operating in Town B and somebody types “Pharmacy Town B” in a search engine, there is the tendency that your website will appear on the search results. Mr. Adam Umerji    say this will also work if that person just searched for “Pharmacy” provided that he is geologically trailed by the search engine in Town B. On the whole, search engines will search for the concern near that person automatically.

According to shafiq patel  the fact that people are more likely to come to your place seeing as it is not far from them is the good thing about local searches. Although they may not have heard about the business before, seeing them in the top list of their local search query is all the opportunity you need to turn them to probable customers.

The Second Outlet of Your Business
An extension of your business is your site. You are making it better and much more interactive for your users, by opting it to Local SEO. In a nutshell, you will be able to iron out your site, make it easier to browse and access through the pages, and load it with appropriate and informative content for the reason that they are all indispensable in the optimization of your site for Local SEO.

Your clients will have a better idea as to what your products and services are all about, by constantly providing content to your site. You will be able to provide support and tend to them online, by putting a chatting software or contact form on your site. Citations will further help your site to gain more traffic as well. These are all required Local SEO procedures that will make your site better which will become an even more imperative part in the growth of your small business.

Potential Partnerships
Link building and social sharing is another important part of the Local SEO process. You can potentially meet new people that may be able to help your business grow in the future, in this process. Meeting local bloggers and site owners may open windows of opportunities.
You can launch an event together as a promotion for your businesses or exchange links with each other. You will not only get yourself a partner that you can do business with in future, your sales is equally benefiting from it.

A Profit Driver
Local SEO if done right will help bring your site the online exposure needed. You can expect your traffic rate to increase particularly if your site is listed on the top spot for its applicable local search query. However, unless you can convert traffic into a profitable client, traffic won’t do anything good.
LocalSEO only works to drive people into your site, no matter how effective it is in the end. It is only you and your team that can convince these customers and convert this traffic into sale. When you do the right thing, Local SEO might just bring you the much needed sales to enhance your small business.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How to Become Digital Marketing Expert By Adam Umerji

According to Mr. adam umerji you may be pondering about the most ideal approach to wind up advanced advertising master, in a circumstance where you have promoting foundation and need to end up computerized showcasing master. Mr. adam umerji told In spite of the fact that there are more than a couple courses on advanced advertising being offered as online courses, workshops and one-on-one drilling projects, According to adam umerji the most ideal approach to turn into a computerized promoting master is begin honing computerized showcasing from today.

The great digital marketing expert mr. shafiq patel introduced new thing about advanced showcasing is that you can start at a little scale. An Internet association, a PC and a little measure of cash is everything you need to wind up advanced advertising master. By applying the ideas in your own particular small scale ventures, According to shafiq patel you can learn computerized promoting.

shafiq master told people  there are MBA programs with specialization in advanced showcasing. Likewise, there are confirmation exams like Google Ad words affirmation and Hub Spot Inbound Marketing accreditation program. shafiq master say How does going to every one of these courses and acquiring every one of these endorsements make you get to be advanced master? The answer is capital NO.

According to Mr. adam umerji these courses might simply assist you with taking in the quick and dirty and some exceptional ideas connected with advanced showcasing, Mr. adam umerji say however it doesn't make you vocation prepared for a Digital Marketing Manager position. It is advanced advertising background that will acquire you computerized promoting mastery.

Segments of Digital Marketing by Mr. Adam Umerji

•          Mobile Marketing                      
•          Content promoting
•          Web Analytics and reporting
•          Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•          Email Marketing
•          Social Media Marketing
•          Paid Search (PPC)
•          Digital Display Marketing (Ad Ops)